Monday, April 24, 2017

What's all the fuss about saving the rain forests?

Since 2013 I have been studying the amazing healing properties of the plants in the rain forest of Central America. I have learned from those who came before me; American and indigenous Maya/Mestizo alike. With this knowledge, I have increased the offerings of my company, Blossom Spring Natural Health Solutions®, to include herbal remedies from this tropical wonderland.

Some of my favorite new friends (I call them friends because they each have their very own, distinct 'personalities'), have been incorporated in the herbal medicine formulas seen here.

Jackass Bitters is used internally as a liver tonic and to rid the body of parasites, while it is also used externally, in salves or as a tea or tincture, to heal stubborn wounds. In Belize, I make an anti-parasite formula that the school children take in lieu of the pharmaceutical 'worm pill' that they used to give out at the start of every school year. It contains black walnut hull, wormwood and cloves, which is the standard worm formula in the north, with the addition of Jackass Bitters. A two week course of Clean Sweep (by Blossom Spring®), every six months works to kill both worms and their eggs for good, and anyone who eats a healthy diet of real organic food is always susceptible to picking up a parasite. For a more thorough colon cleanse or detox, choose our Spring Clean formula, which contains all of the above herbs combined with other soothing, system cleaning plants. Our Herbal Detoxification System

For overall immune system support, the Defender, is an herbal tincture made with plants that stimulate the bodies own natural immune response by increasing white blood cell counts, thus boosting the immune response to any viral or bacterial invaders. It is a combination of North American herbs and rain forest flora such as Ix Canan, gumbo limbo, moringa, red china root and Pau d’Arco.

None of these herbs is currently available outside of the tropics. No other manufacturer has incorporated the healing magic of these magnificent plants into their products.

We are on the cutting edge of this. 

For years we have heard about saving the shrinking rain forests because of all the valuable herbal medicine, and yet NO ONE is using these herbs. The only mention of rain forest herbs has been anecdotal; stories from big pharma that begin with a jungle remedy and end with a drug. The healthy, holistic, organic minded public needs access to real, healing medicine.

There are herbs for cancer, herbs for staph infections, herbs that can mean the difference between life and death if you're bitten by a snake of suffer a heart attack. 

You can only get true bush medicine here:

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