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Stories of Spontaneous Healing - Part 1

This series is a collection of transcribed notes from my practice. All names have been changed for privacy reasons. I will go back and forth between using the terms ‘client’ and ‘patient’ because in Central America I see patients, while in the US holistic practitioners are not legally allowed to use that word. We also may not say ‘heal’ or ‘cure’, but I’ll be using them here frequently because they are the only words that truly apply to my work.

I tend to see four types of clients. The first is a one-time appointment because spontaneous healing occurred and there was no need for them to return. The second is a person with multiple issues to resolve. This client will come to me between four and six times to make sure we got everything and to talk things out. Not all people are open to energy healing and sometimes being able to articulate your feelings with someone who understands them is a vital part of the healing process. The third is someone who has been healed, has had their energy cleared, and wants me to continue to clear their energy at regular intervals because they may not be sure of their own ability to do it for themselves. The fourth type is children. Children are very special in that they need very little convincing. They already know that they came to see me to heal and they find it ridiculous that I should feel the need to explain that to them. Children have every expectation that they should be healthy when they leave my office, and as such, that is typically what happens.

* * * * *
It is my practice to ask my patients not to share anything with me about the reason for their visit. I explain to them that I will get information about their illness or affliction from the session itself, and we will discuss everything afterwards.

How to read my session notes
1-The regular type, that precedes the hyphen of each line, are my words; the information I read in the aura, energy field and chakras.
2-The words in Italics are from Spirit. Either direct quotes from spirit that I wrote down as I heard them, or information that came to me through my guides, the guides of my patient, or from angels or other ascended masters in the form of clairsentience.
3-The information that follows the hyphen is feedback from the patient in response to the information I received and shared with them at the end of the healing portion of the session.

* * * * *
The following is a story of restored hearing in a young mother.

Session notes ~ Lisa A.
Trouble settling in.
Hearing issue from birth – Hearing issue from an early childhood illness.
Boyfriend hurt her left hand.Don’t take any crap!” - Confirmed
Eats fairly well – True. No packaged or fast food.
Tension in Shoulders. Work related friction with a co-worker. – Yes. Boss
Two children. Girls – Confirmed

When I mentioned the hearing issue and told her that the ‘energy has been cleared’ Lisa immediately broke down in tears. As the mother of two small children, she struggled with her ability to be a good mother when she was unable to hear them from the next room. She always had to rely on her boyfriend to wake in the night to take care of midnight feedings, and during the day, she had to constantly be with them. She also worried about the possibility of completely losing her hearing over time.

I never saw Lisa again, but she has kept in touch through email. She let me know that her hearing is much improved and that her doctor was quite amazed.

* * * * *

Shamanic Healing Energy™ is a complete holistic healing modality

In my sessions I clear anything physical that I find in the energy field then I’ll clear my patient’s chakras. The reason I work in this order is because the information about physical illness is easy to see. It tends to be quite bright and very active since it is likely the reason for the session. When there is pain of any kind, it takes up a great deal of the patient’s conscious body-mind. Once their physical issues have been brought into balance, it is easier to find their roots in the deeper, sub-conscious. We are mind, body and spirit so the holistic approach to healing must address the ‘whole’ person. 

After healing the body and clearing the energy, discussion must follow. That is how we engage the conscious mind to make a contribution to the cure. This three pronged approach assures a lasting result. Because when these energies are not cleared from the conscious as well as the sub-conscious, it is very likely that the disease will return.

The following story shows how the energy of illness lingers long after physical healing takes place.

Session notes ~ Paul F.       first visit
Congestion in left knee  - soreness from golf
Congestion in right ankle - yes, had issues (non-specific)
Sinus issues -yes
Heart energy disturbance. No illness energy present - yes, heart transplant
Saw scar on arm, but felt nothing wrong - yes, arteries used for open heart procedure
Fantastic, bright aura. Minor disturbances          - yes, good general health
Visit from entity named Beverly - Speculated about previous heart owner or spirit guide
Saw the number 54  - He’s 55

Paul was the first man I had cry on me. He had been so worried about his new heart, that the relief he felt after I told him everything looked good, came rushing forward in a very emotional burst. It was very healing for us both! If he had not balanced the old energies from the surgery and had the emotional release that he had bottled up, he would not have been able to heal completely.

Another example of a patient who experienced healing is Carol. Here is her session:

Session Notes ~ Carol F.       first visit
Intestines look good. - unexplained bouts of indigestion.
She doesn’t believe this will work. Unhooked old belief system. - has had issues with spirit in the past
Ran through entire nervous system; cleared blocks in spine. - she smiled broadly at this information
Congestion in shoulders, hips and knees. Cleared. - yes, these had been points of pain; inflammation
Zero chakra: Old beliefs drained through the feet. – Felt it leave the body
First chakra; I prayed for ego-less healing to come through me.
Second chakra; Found and removed ‘nodules’. Major trust issues. - unresolved issues with mother
I was led to look at her liver, and while it was pink and clean, I cleared and directed energy there for a few minutes. - she's taking a lot of medication that makes liver function sluggish
Third chakra; yellow and clear!
Fourth chakra; green and full of fear!
Star Mother came through and helped me balance the third and fourth chakras and release fears.

I saw Carol in her home because she was bed ridden from Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative disease that affects the nerve endings throughout the Central Nervous System. I was with her for a good two hours and she was very receptive to the whole process as I explained things to her.

She explained that her husband does all the cooking and cleaning because she has lost most of her mobility, however when it was time for me to go, she got up and walked to the next room and called for her husband, smiling as she returned, she told me that she felt terrific! 
                                                                            * * * * *

That's all for now. Look for part 2 in the near future.

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