Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Can I Cure My Cancer?

The answer is yes, but first we need to understand what cancer is. Cancer is a word or a label and when we use it, we recall our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions about cancer and what it is, and all of these things are capable of keeping us sick or making us healthy.
What is a disease?

Disease is our body's reaction to stress. Stress is any irritant, stimulus etc. that can be of physical, nutritional or emotional origin. Stress is simply, something that the human body perceives as a threat to its survival. We are bombarded continually by stress and we continually react and neutralize that stress. We can acknowledge we have an acute illness, when the symptoms of our reaction to stress are severe enough. Within a relatively short amount of time however, if we address the stress, we return to a state of perfect health.

If we do not neutralize the stress, then we can say we have a chronic illness or disease and this means that we are continually reacting to the stress, and the stress is still present. Therefore the body is vainly trying to heal but to no avail. This can be because the body is [1] in a weak state and has little energy or capacity to cope, [2] the diet is such that there is a constant stream of toxins being absorbed into the system, [3] inflammation from food intolerances or [4] most likely there is the constant and insidious emotional stress which has been going on for years.

Can I remove the cause?

There are many different types of cancer, however, the causes are primarily nutritional and emotional, and your healing system can heal your cancer. Your body’s own incredibly powerful healing process has this potential. It is vital to STOP the disease process and allow the healing process to return you to health. There is little point in trying to combat or kill the cancer cells, for if our thoughts and eating habits remain the same, healing will not occur.
Our disease remains the same when we fail to remove the cause (stress). To remove the cause, we need to change the patterns that govern our behavior. This can be done in a number of ways.
Most people look for cures from outside of themselves. We go to doctors and expect them to fix us, when the answers can only be found within. But since only you know your past dietary habits and relationship issues, only you can change those things, so here’s the corrected holistic health model. 
There are four experts that we need to consult to get complete care: a doctor, a chiropractor, a holistic practitioner and a spiritual advisor.
*      First, we need to see a doctor for a diagnosis. This is the 21st century and we should definitely take advantage of the diagnostic advances available to us, such as blood tests, x-rays and ultrasound imaging.
*      Then, armed with your diagnosis, go visit the chiropractor for an alignment. Chiropractors have extensive knowledge of anatomy and can bring balance back to the supportive frame of the body.
*      Next we go to see an herbalist, holistic practitioner or natural health care provider who is well versed in herbs, vitamins and nutrition because we need to know the ingredients that are necessary to restore balance to our bodies on a cellular level.
*      Lastly, and possibly most importantly, we need to talk to our spiritual advisor, priest, minister or rabbi because all illness is rooted in the spiritual energy system.
Can I cure cancer with food?
Absolutely! The cells of your body are organic. They are natural; made by nature, and as such, need to be fed by nature. Every cell in our body has receptors on its surface designed to obtain nutrients from the food we eat. They are programmed to recognize certain beneficial molecule structures, and absorb them.
Now, think about what you’re eating. If your diet is fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds, fish or poultry, these are foods found in nature and the cells in your body will recognize their molecular structures, and put them to work healing your body. If your diet is full of low fat, high carbohydrate, food-like products, your cells will have a difficult time figuring out what to do with them. This causes physical stress, and it increases illness instead of health.
We can find lists of ingredients we shouldn’t eat everywhere we look, so I won’t repeat those long, tedious pages and pages of no-no’s. Instead, here is my short checklist of things we can and should all be eating:
*      Can it be found in nature?
*      Is it completely untouched by any processing, bleaching or preservatives?
*      Is it organic (grown naturally, without chemicals or hormones, and not genetically modified)?
If you answered “yes” to all of these, bon appetite! If you answered “no” to any one of these, it is essentially poison to the body and will create stress on a cellular level; Do Not Ingest!
When your body is trying to rid itself of disease, it is vital to remove every source of stress.
The body’s Ph level also plays a huge role in health. When we consume processed foods, sugar and grains, our Ph levels drop and we become acidic. Chronic acidosis is the basis of inflammation and disease. Anything lower than 7.5 (base) is unhealthy, and when you’re system is already taxed by cancer, it is vital to raise your Ph levels above base to alkaline. As soon as you do this, cancer cells completely stop multiplying! When this happens, the healing system kicks in and removes these mutant cells from your body.
Your issues are in your tissues.
While you’re providing your body with ingredients it can use for healing at the cellular level, shifting your perceptions and removing stress from your thoughts is equally as important.
Sometimes learning that the responsibility is all yours, and has been all along, can cause even more stress. Don’t go there! The things I’m talking about are not widely known so you can’t be too hard on yourself. That’s just wasting time, and we cannot turn back the clock. However, the fact that you are reading this now is a significant step toward healing. Knowledge is power, and you are now equipped to use this power for your benefit.
Love, forgiveness and tolerance are at the heart of healing. Meditate on these concepts. Think of each word as a verb. Who do you need to love? To forgive? Yourself? Who/what do you need to live with, and therefore tolerate? As these things reveal themselves to you, write them down. Practice sending each item/person on this list unconditional love- regularly- whenever they enter your mind.   
Raising your Health
We know that our energy field, our spirit, affects the state of our physical body. Energy vibrates. A low vibration is caused by emotions such as fear, jealousy, hatred, depression, and even sudden life changes, like the loss of a friend or family member. A high vibration, therefore, is the product of emotions such as love, gratitude, and appreciation. Scientists have measured these vibrations and found that the average, healthy person has a vibratory rate between 62 and 68 MHz. They have found that cancer comes onto the body at around 42 MHz, candida at 55 MHz, flu symptoms at 57 MHz, and cold symptoms around 58 MHz. Simply stated, if we keep the body frequency high enough, we’ll be free of disease.
Removing the stress from your thoughts, removes it from your energy field. When the illness is no longer present in your energy, it will leave your body.
Your goal:
Raise your health by raising your vibration through meditation and appreciating everyone and everything. and raise your Ph level by eating real food for complete and total healing.
If this seems easy, it’s because it is easy. There is no reason to make it any more complicated. When we give ourselves these things, our bodies will default to optimal health, period. It's pretty easy to see why I'll never be rich from sharing this information, because there's nothing to it!
Do things that you love, spend time with people who make you feel good, and tell them how much you appreciate them. These behaviors cause our health to appreciate in value, as well.

*Note: There is a wealth of information available about anti-cancer fruits and teas and so forth, but that is unnecessary, and the research involved is just more stress you don’t need. Unless you’re at deaths door and attempting to fill the body with macro-nutrients, don’t put yourself through all that. For most of us, following these simple guidelines are more than enough to rid the body of all disease and keep it that way.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Empowered Empath, Become Your Own Shaman - Introduction

The Empowered Empath
A comprehensive guide for making your sensitivities work for you


You know you’re an empath because you feel things that overwhelm and scare you. You know things about strangers on the street that you have no scientific way to prove. Sometimes these feelings make you anxious or maybe they scare you so much that you have trouble leaving the house. Your home is your refuge… and your prison.
This course is designed to take you from the helplessness and anxiety that accompanies empathy, to the fearlessness of a modern day shaman.
This course is the culmination of all that I have learned from the many healing techniques I have studied, combined with all of the information I have personally gleaned from Spirit while treating clients in my healing practice.
We will learn how disease manifests physically, but is rooted in energy. We will learn to read energy, and restore the flow of energy, to this root.
We will learn that it makes no difference whether or not the client believes in energy therapy because the healer is not communicating with their conscious mind. The healer communicates with the subconscious mind, or Blessed Higher Self, to clear karma and energetic blocks to wholeness.
We will understand that learning to be your own shaman does not interfere with any religion. In fact, the skills we will learn in this class will enhance and deepen your connection to God, the Divine, and the Universal Source of all.
One possible exception is this: You will come to know that we are all one, and in order to heal, we must love everyone and everything.
If you don’t love everyone, you can’t heal anyone
Our 6th sense is something we were all born with, just like the other five; sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. In this course, we will focus on increasing our perception of the world around us with our intuition. The goal is that we learn to experience the world around us with all six senses, equally.
If you find that you are uncomfortable with such terms as “meditation”, “medium”, “past life regression”, “séance”, and even the use of the word “energy”, I implore you to think of these terms, as just words. They are totally powerless until we assign meaning to them. In this course, these terms are all used with the strict purpose of bringing healing to ourselves and our clients.
We will learn to converse with spirits on the Other Side because there are higher beings with valuable information for healing who are eager for us to be able to hear them. They have absolutely no interest in our beliefs. They are there whether we believe in them or not.
In the end, we will know that all healing comes from Love, which is the highest energetic frequency on the planet, and we will know how to match our personal vibration, and that of our clients, to this frequency. This is known as harmony and it is the destination of all who are on the path to enlightenment.
As you embark upon this journey to discover the greatest secrets of the Universe I would like to give you the biggest key to the whole process, right here, right at the beginning:
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
That’s it. Relax and let yourself enjoy the process. All of the greatest enlightened beings from around the globe laugh easily and enjoy life to the fullest. If these incredible, intelligent, grounded people see this world as a wondrous playground, shouldn’t we?


I am a natural born intuitive, and so are you. The reason we don’t know this is because we were either taught to forget, or have had our ‘imaginations’ trained out of us by our parents, society or church. Think back to some of your earliest memories and you’ll likely remember playing with imaginary friends, being completely comfortable in situations that made your parents uneasy or even quiet moments spent watching the subtle movements of energy in nature. Things like the way dry leaves move across the pavement in a gust of wind or the way branches sway in the trees up above. These simple facinations lead us to discover so much about ourselves and the ways of energy, yet when we get caught observing these simple things, we’re told to stop daydreaming.
It is my intention to help you remember how to to sense energies and see auras and spirits.
When we come into this world we are still so connected to the Other Side, that we can converse easily with those who are still there. Think about how many children have imaginary friends, then ask yourself how this could possibly be a coincidence.
The reason some of us retain knowledge of the Other Side as we grow older is because we dedicated ourselves to higher consciousness in previous lifetimes and that is also the reason you are holding this book in your hands right now. You retained some bit of your prior knowledge of your Universal consciousness and now are seeking to remember more.
You will find answers to the questions your soul is searching for. You will come to see that your sensitivities to the emotions of others is a gift, not a detriment, and certainly nothing to be afraid of. Rather, it is a super power and you need to learn how to make it work for you.

Here are some simple definitions of terms I’ll be using throughout the course. We will get deeper into these things as we move along.

Blessed Higher Self or BHS: This is your sub-concious mind, your higher mind or that part of you that is in constant communication with the Other Side, our guides and Universal Source.
Collective Unconscious: Synonomous with God. Used when we refer to thoughts and inspiration from a supernatural origin.
Empath: a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.
Great Spirit: Synonomous with God.
Other Side: Simply put, this is home. The place we all originated from and will return to. The religious minded call it Heaven.
Medical Intuitive: A medical intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses their intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. Other terms for such a person include medical clairvoyant, medical psychic or intuitive counselor.
Red Road: Native American phrase for Spiritual path.
Sensitive: A person who is believed to respond to supernatural influences. Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences. (You can be sensitive without being emotional)
Universal Source (Source Energy): Synonomous with God.
White Light: The highest, purest energy; Love. It is used to surround and protect ourselves and it comes from the balance of our chakras (which represent every color in the rainbow), creating a clean, clear connection to our Universal Source.

Something I will also be refering to often is the Love/Fear scale. If we think of these two in terms of a vibrational frequency, fear will be at the very bottom of the scale, while the frequency of pure love vibrates right off the top. It has no limits and when we are connected to and working from the highest level of love, that is where, when and how miracles happen.
When we are in the flow of the higher vibrations, everthing works out. We call this being in alignment. When we are going through hard times and vibrating on the lower registers of the scale, we are out of alignment and instead, are in a state of resistance.
We can also think of it like this: Cold is not a measurable energy, rather it is the absence of heat. Heat is the energy form that is lacking from the room or object, making it cold. Think of the thermostat on your wall. When you adjust the temperature, you are adjusting the amount of heat that your furnace will create. When we feel cold, we turn up the heat.
When we talk about vibrational frequency, all there is is Love. When there is a shortage of love, we experience fear, but fear is not an energy form all by itself. It is simply a lack of love.
When we have ill will towards others and experience sickness in our bodies, those fear based states are signals telling us we need to ‘turn up the love’.

The dotted line that bounces between the red and the lower parts of the blue, represents someone who lives with anxiety, depression and chronic illness. The dotted line in the upper portion of the diagram represents a person who is in the flow of love and is aligned closely with Source Energy.

An empath can read your energy when he or she lives in the flow and is in alignment. A true psychic is really just someone who knows how to tap into the collective unconscious at will.

Now ask yourself these questions:

Have you ever seen a ghost? Heard your name called from ‘nowhere’? Smelled roses in the dead of winter? Or had some other super-natural experience?

It was during these moments that you were without resistance. You where in clear alignment with the Universal Source.


What’s Your Story?
I’m going to paraphrase Caroline Myss, as she used this analogy once and it really resonated with me:
Let’s look at the levels of consciousness as the floors, or stories, of a big city apartment building.
We all start out on the first floor and many of us never live in the Penthouse.
We have the same address as the people in the penthouse, but we have a different view. To those living on the ground level, the ocean is miles away; to the penthouse dwellers, it’s right outside their window. On the first floor we have pollution; garbage on the street, and a constant stream of noise, traffic and sirens. In the Penthouse, it’s peaceful and quiet. Down by the street we lock our windows against thieves, while there is no need for that on the upper floors.
It is our choice which floor we live on, but with each choice, the mortgage gets higher. Our costs increase. Most of us want to live on the upper floors, but we ground ourselves with negative thoughts about what it takes to get there.
As we move up to higher stories, we get new neighbors. We lose some of our old friends who are stuck in their first floor mentality, but we gain new friends who have similar goals.
When we see the next staircase, we know the risks, and we start pacing because we understand there's going to be a price. But we start thinking about the reward and we must decide. We KNOW we 're going to take that flight up, it's just a matter of when.
Once that inner spiritual appetite wakes up, we can’t help but go up.
As we progress story by story, the more our appetites change from a desire for exterior things, to interior things.
On the first floor we want stuff and money and physical beauty, but as we make our way up to the penthouse, we want to give, rather than take. We ask, “What can I become? What do I have within me that is spectacular?” We become the subject of our investigation instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing.
When we live in the lower levels, the way we perceive problems, crisis, relationships, illness, is to go to an outside person and say, “You, fix me”. I am a victim. I didn’t deserve this. It happened to me. And our other first floor friends gather around and say, “It’s not fair! She needs our help to…” raise money, hold her hand, blame God, whatever. And on the first level, God is a God of democracy. He only allows bad things to happen to bad people. If we haven’t broken any laws, we should not be punished, and we may think of some bad people who should be sick instead.
As we climb up the Spiritual staircase, we begin to take responsibility for ourselves. We watch what we say, and then we learn to watch what we think. Our reality begins to change for the better, because we are putting better things out into the world. This is how energy (karma) works; we reap what we sow. Probably the best thing about doing this very hard work on ourselves, is that every spiritual step we take is cumulative. Every hurdle we cross stays crossed. When we reach those upper floors, the knowledge stays with us for not only this lifetime, but through all others. Forever.

How to read this book
This is a texbook and is designed to be used as an eight week course. You will find that each chapter begins with the words, “Week One”, Week Two”, and so on. To get the most from this book you must commit to reading it in this fashion, doing all the exercises and homework, and not reading ahead.
I recommend that you choose a time to read that you can stick to each week. Are Sunday mornings good for you? Great! Read the first lesson in its entirety and do the homework, then next Sunday morning read the second lesson, and so on.
I’ve been teaching this course in the classroom for several years and I’ve found that metering out the information in this way is the most effective method to reach our goals.
It also teaches the importance of self-discipline. If you can follow directions AND use your intuition, you can rule the world!
I will talk to the reader as if you yourself are a teacher or healer. The reason I do this is because we are all teachers and healers. The information in this book is to be shared so it can grow enough to heal us all so I want you to imagine yourself sharing these skills as you are learning them.
There is absolutely no room for competition on the path to enlightenment. We are in this together. I will share the inspiring words of other masters with you, and you will share the pearls you glean from books, lectures and your own intuition with those you know and love.
I encourage you to start classes in your living room or public library, using this book as a guide to create a healthy community.
This course will change your perception of reality! Enjoy!
I am currently seeking a publisher for this book. Posting the introduction on my blog is my way of putting it out into the Universe to make my request known. Thank you for your interest!

Monday, April 24, 2017

What's all the fuss about saving the rain forests?

Since 2013 I have been studying the amazing healing properties of the plants in the rain forest of Central America. I have learned from those who came before me; American and indigenous Maya/Mestizo alike. With this knowledge, I have increased the offerings of my company, Blossom Spring Natural Health Solutions®, to include herbal remedies from this tropical wonderland.

Some of my favorite new friends (I call them friends because they each have their very own, distinct 'personalities'), have been incorporated in the herbal medicine formulas seen here.

Jackass Bitters is used internally as a liver tonic and to rid the body of parasites, while it is also used externally, in salves or as a tea or tincture, to heal stubborn wounds. In Belize, I make an anti-parasite formula that the school children take in lieu of the pharmaceutical 'worm pill' that they used to give out at the start of every school year. It contains black walnut hull, wormwood and cloves, which is the standard worm formula in the north, with the addition of Jackass Bitters. A two week course of Clean Sweep (by Blossom Spring®), every six months works to kill both worms and their eggs for good, and anyone who eats a healthy diet of real organic food is always susceptible to picking up a parasite. For a more thorough colon cleanse or detox, choose our Spring Clean formula, which contains all of the above herbs combined with other soothing, system cleaning plants. Our Herbal Detoxification System

For overall immune system support, the Defender, is an herbal tincture made with plants that stimulate the bodies own natural immune response by increasing white blood cell counts, thus boosting the immune response to any viral or bacterial invaders. It is a combination of North American herbs and rain forest flora such as Ix Canan, gumbo limbo, moringa, red china root and Pau d’Arco.

None of these herbs is currently available outside of the tropics. No other manufacturer has incorporated the healing magic of these magnificent plants into their products.

We are on the cutting edge of this. 

For years we have heard about saving the shrinking rain forests because of all the valuable herbal medicine, and yet NO ONE is using these herbs. The only mention of rain forest herbs has been anecdotal; stories from big pharma that begin with a jungle remedy and end with a drug. The healthy, holistic, organic minded public needs access to real, healing medicine.

There are herbs for cancer, herbs for staph infections, herbs that can mean the difference between life and death if you're bitten by a snake of suffer a heart attack. 

You can only get true bush medicine here:

Support Blossom Spring Natural Health Solutions® and help us save the rain forest.

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Stories of Spontaneous Healing - Part 1

This series is a collection of transcribed notes from my practice. All names have been changed for privacy reasons. I will go back and forth between using the terms ‘client’ and ‘patient’ because in Central America I see patients, while in the US holistic practitioners are not legally allowed to use that word. We also may not say ‘heal’ or ‘cure’, but I’ll be using them here frequently because they are the only words that truly apply to my work.

I tend to see four types of clients. The first is a one-time appointment because spontaneous healing occurred and there was no need for them to return. The second is a person with multiple issues to resolve. This client will come to me between four and six times to make sure we got everything and to talk things out. Not all people are open to energy healing and sometimes being able to articulate your feelings with someone who understands them is a vital part of the healing process. The third is someone who has been healed, has had their energy cleared, and wants me to continue to clear their energy at regular intervals because they may not be sure of their own ability to do it for themselves. The fourth type is children. Children are very special in that they need very little convincing. They already know that they came to see me to heal and they find it ridiculous that I should feel the need to explain that to them. Children have every expectation that they should be healthy when they leave my office, and as such, that is typically what happens.

* * * * *
It is my practice to ask my patients not to share anything with me about the reason for their visit. I explain to them that I will get information about their illness or affliction from the session itself, and we will discuss everything afterwards.

How to read my session notes
1-The regular type, that precedes the hyphen of each line, are my words; the information I read in the aura, energy field and chakras.
2-The words in Italics are from Spirit. Either direct quotes from spirit that I wrote down as I heard them, or information that came to me through my guides, the guides of my patient, or from angels or other ascended masters in the form of clairsentience.
3-The information that follows the hyphen is feedback from the patient in response to the information I received and shared with them at the end of the healing portion of the session.

* * * * *
The following is a story of restored hearing in a young mother.

Session notes ~ Lisa A.
Trouble settling in.
Hearing issue from birth – Hearing issue from an early childhood illness.
Boyfriend hurt her left hand.Don’t take any crap!” - Confirmed
Eats fairly well – True. No packaged or fast food.
Tension in Shoulders. Work related friction with a co-worker. – Yes. Boss
Two children. Girls – Confirmed

When I mentioned the hearing issue and told her that the ‘energy has been cleared’ Lisa immediately broke down in tears. As the mother of two small children, she struggled with her ability to be a good mother when she was unable to hear them from the next room. She always had to rely on her boyfriend to wake in the night to take care of midnight feedings, and during the day, she had to constantly be with them. She also worried about the possibility of completely losing her hearing over time.

I never saw Lisa again, but she has kept in touch through email. She let me know that her hearing is much improved and that her doctor was quite amazed.

* * * * *

Shamanic Healing Energy™ is a complete holistic healing modality

In my sessions I clear anything physical that I find in the energy field then I’ll clear my patient’s chakras. The reason I work in this order is because the information about physical illness is easy to see. It tends to be quite bright and very active since it is likely the reason for the session. When there is pain of any kind, it takes up a great deal of the patient’s conscious body-mind. Once their physical issues have been brought into balance, it is easier to find their roots in the deeper, sub-conscious. We are mind, body and spirit so the holistic approach to healing must address the ‘whole’ person. 

After healing the body and clearing the energy, discussion must follow. That is how we engage the conscious mind to make a contribution to the cure. This three pronged approach assures a lasting result. Because when these energies are not cleared from the conscious as well as the sub-conscious, it is very likely that the disease will return.

The following story shows how the energy of illness lingers long after physical healing takes place.

Session notes ~ Paul F.       first visit
Congestion in left knee  - soreness from golf
Congestion in right ankle - yes, had issues (non-specific)
Sinus issues -yes
Heart energy disturbance. No illness energy present - yes, heart transplant
Saw scar on arm, but felt nothing wrong - yes, arteries used for open heart procedure
Fantastic, bright aura. Minor disturbances          - yes, good general health
Visit from entity named Beverly - Speculated about previous heart owner or spirit guide
Saw the number 54  - He’s 55

Paul was the first man I had cry on me. He had been so worried about his new heart, that the relief he felt after I told him everything looked good, came rushing forward in a very emotional burst. It was very healing for us both! If he had not balanced the old energies from the surgery and had the emotional release that he had bottled up, he would not have been able to heal completely.

Another example of a patient who experienced healing is Carol. Here is her session:

Session Notes ~ Carol F.       first visit
Intestines look good. - unexplained bouts of indigestion.
She doesn’t believe this will work. Unhooked old belief system. - has had issues with spirit in the past
Ran through entire nervous system; cleared blocks in spine. - she smiled broadly at this information
Congestion in shoulders, hips and knees. Cleared. - yes, these had been points of pain; inflammation
Zero chakra: Old beliefs drained through the feet. – Felt it leave the body
First chakra; I prayed for ego-less healing to come through me.
Second chakra; Found and removed ‘nodules’. Major trust issues. - unresolved issues with mother
I was led to look at her liver, and while it was pink and clean, I cleared and directed energy there for a few minutes. - she's taking a lot of medication that makes liver function sluggish
Third chakra; yellow and clear!
Fourth chakra; green and full of fear!
Star Mother came through and helped me balance the third and fourth chakras and release fears.

I saw Carol in her home because she was bed ridden from Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative disease that affects the nerve endings throughout the Central Nervous System. I was with her for a good two hours and she was very receptive to the whole process as I explained things to her.

She explained that her husband does all the cooking and cleaning because she has lost most of her mobility, however when it was time for me to go, she got up and walked to the next room and called for her husband, smiling as she returned, she told me that she felt terrific! 
                                                                            * * * * *

That's all for now. Look for part 2 in the near future.

Come for Healing Meditation with Rev. Dr. Bonnie M. Russell at the Full Lotus Yoga Holistic Wellness Center, San Ignacio, Belize, on Friday mornings at 9am.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Importance of Meditation for Children
Meditation is one of those things we all know we should be doing every day (like flossing!) but if the habit isn’t started when we’re young, it becomes really hard to begin as an adult.
Anyone who has a regular meditation habit can tell you that it is the single most important thing they do for themselves to handle the daily stress that comes with living. In a world full of childhood depression, anxiety, cutting, drug abuse and suicide, it is vital for children to have the ability to self soothe, unwind and recharge their batteries.
I read this story once, and I share it with my meditation students regularly:
“A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the “half empty or half full” question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: “How heavy is this glass of water?” Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz. She replied, “The absolute weight doesn’t matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it’s not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I’ll have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the glass doesn't change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes.” She continued, “The stresses and worries in life are like this glass of water. Think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed – incapable of doing anything.”
When we meditate, we are putting the glass down.”

There are several methods of meditation, but the easiest one for children, and really for all beginners, is guided meditation.
Guided meditation is used to consciously align with peaceful energies. To do this, we focus our meditation on the specific things in our lives that are robbing us of peace, with the purpose of bringing ourselves into harmony with them.
Meditate for Mental Health
For example, if you need to have a serious conversation, and it’s making you nervous, meditate on the situation by imagining the person sitting across from you. When you feel their presence, have the stressful conversation with them here, in the ethers. Stay with it until you feel a resolution and can shake hands with them or even hug. Doing this takes a heavy layer of stress off your shoulders and makes the actual conversation a breeze. Children are geniuses at pretending and they are great at this kind of meditation. They also have a very real need for exercises like this, as they must deal with bullies and overbearing teachers.
Meditation may not completely eliminate the causes of stress or discomfort, but it will change the way we think about stressful and uncomfortable things. We meditate to transcend suffering by shifting our perspective from being a victim, to being a person of power. This shifts the importance we place on discomfort by enabling us to create a healthy relationship with everyday things. It allows us to disengage from the cognitive & emotional stressors and activates our higher, peaceful mind.
Meditate for Physical Health
Thoughts have energy, and that energy affects the physical body. When we have appreciative thoughts about ourselves, we create health, and conversely, when we focus on the things we dislike about ourselves, we are essentially inviting those things to continue to decline.
Meditation consciously bridges the gap between the physical particles of the body; the cells that can be seen under a microscope, and the spiritual, energetic body, which is the intelligence that binds those particles together. It creates the connection between the mind and the body. It is in this space that we actually, literally, create the physical body that we inhabit.
When dealing with a specific illness, meditate on the condition by sending your awareness into the body. Look at the organs or tissues that are affected by the malady, and send them love and light. If you perceive any disharmony in the cells, or see any darkness to indicate illness, visualize your white blood cells multiplying and going to work on removing the darkness. See them simply coming through the area and taking the darkness with them to be excreted as waste. When everything seems clean and healthy again, surround the area with protective White Light to ‘seal’ the work you’ve just done. Then smile broadly, with your whole face, signaling to your body that all is well.

Calm Scene Meditation
Choose a time and place when you are not likely to be disturbed. Turn off your phone. If you like, you can put on a selection of meditation music and light some incense. These things will become triggers, or helpful tools that set the tone for easy meditation sessions in the future.
Have your child get comfortable in a favorite chair, legs uncrossed, feet flat on the floor, hands in their lap, with their eyes closed.
Read this to your child, slowly, and in a calm, soothing voice:
“Take a nice, deep breath. Let it out.
Another nice, big inhale… and blow it out.
One more nice, big cleansing breath… and as you release it, feel the weight of your body sink into the chair.
Imagine a door in front of you.  
Open the door and you walk outside into a lovely green pasture. There is a shimmering lake in the distance with a big, full, mature weeping willow tree on the shore.
To your left is a grove of trees that extends back and around the back of the lake. Slowly make your way to the weeping willow tree. Feel the soft grass on your feet,… smell the fresh spring air,… the blossoms in the pasture. See the swans glide across the glassy surface of the lake.
You’re in paradise,… your own personal Calm Scene. Your loose, comfortable clothing swirls lightly around your ankles in the gentle warm breeze, while the sun kisses your upturned face.
When you reach the majestic willow tree, make your way around to the far side of it so you are between the tree and the lake. Find a comfortable place to sit among the roots,… maybe you can lean back against the tree. Take in the sights and sounds of the lake and the trees,… the birds… the butterflies.
In this beautiful, peaceful place, you can find the answers to all of your questions. You’re completely safe and relaxed.
Focus now on a question that you need to have answered, or you may simply allow your mind to be open to any messages from your sub-conscious.
When you feel complete, it is time to return to waking consciousness, so begin to slowly make your way back to the door. Stand up… feel the warmth of the sun on your skin,… smile,… and breathe in the fresh, spring air. Come back inside.
Breathe deeply and begin to stretch a little… wiggle your fingers and toes… take another breath and slowly bring yourself back,… One more deep inhale, gently blink your eyes open and stretch as if you just woke up.”
Discuss and write down the details of the session.
It is a widely held belief that if the children of the world were all taught to meditate regularly, we would achieve world peace in just one generation.
About the Author
Bonnie is a Holistic Health Practitioner, nationally board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a Doctor of Shamanistic Theology and a Master Herbalist. These degrees fully encompass the fields of herbs, vitamins, and nutrition, as well as spiritual and emotional health. Additionally, she is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and a SCW certified Yoga Instructor.
It is her goal to bridge the gap between physical health and spiritual connection for her clients. As a speaker and teacher and in private practice since 1998, she explains the link between these subjects in her book, “Spirit Flight, Claim Your Joy and Your Health Will Follow” and in her course, “Medical Intuition, Becoming your own Shaman”.