Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Basics of Getting Along with Each Other

When I was called to become a minister, one of the missions that the Great Spirit impressed upon my heart was the need for unconditional love in the church. It always felt so wrong in my heart when I read frightening and hateful Bible passages, so I was lead to the ministry to help free people who have been bound and crippled by the guilt they allowed the church to put on them. God's love is bigger than any Bible story.

This is an excerpt from my book, Spirit Flight, Find Your Joy and Your Health Will Follow:

"Sexual Orientation
Everyone has an opinion about what it means to be gay, how it happens, and whether or not it’s a personal choice.
Think about what you just read.
You are not the person you see in the mirror. You are an ancient being and you have been here hundreds of times. You have lived many and varied lives as many different races and religions, as well as having been both a man and a woman. When you explore your past lives through regression work, you learn about who you've been from lifetime to lifetime.

What you learn, aside from who you were, is who you were with. The people you shared other lives with. Your mother in this life, may have once been your child. Your child may have once been your best friend. Mates usually turn out to be people who you’ve dated in a past life or even married before.
These people, and you, are not always incarnated as the same sex that you were when you met in a past life. Remember, you come here to learn and if you are a man every time, you’ll only experience life from that single perspective.
My ex-husband, was once a beautiful olive-skinned Italian woman and I was a Scottish man helping out on her families’ farm. His past life incarnation was breathtaking. In that lifetime we fell in love and had a forbidden affair because I was not considered suitable for her. Those powerful memories of her beauty and our emotions are what I carried with me from that lifetime, hence the attraction in this lifetime. When I think about her skin and the curve of her body I remember how I felt then and it evoked powerful feelings within me in this lifetime. How could it not? In that incarnation, I loved that woman very much.
If you find yourself wondering what it would be like to be with someone of your same sex, don’t let this bother you. It’s completely natural because we all have similar memories. Even if you don’t have the conscious memory right now, you have an unconscious one. You have loved men and you have loved women. In this lifetime you will decide which you prefer for whatever lessons you need to learn this time around.
You know the theory of body chemistry? Body chemistry, or cellular memory, produces a pleasing body odor from your beloved as a subconscious signal, a memory chip, or trigger from a past life experience. It’s really that simple.

Racial Divides

All people would like to have equal rights and equal representation on television and in print. Every one of us would like to live in a peaceful, harmonious world, and unless one has had a personal experience to cause prejudice or fear, we all believe it’s possible.  If you have been victimized by someone of another race, try to remember that each one of us is an individual. That someone is not a representative of his race. He is only a troubled person.
When I served in the military, there was no room for prejudice. We worked shoulder to shoulder and became a family. We were sisters and brothers and we shared everything. Our race doesn’t enter into things when we all pull together for a cause, so why should it matter any other time?
My twenty one year old son, Jay, lives in the city of Philadelphia and works and plays with people from all backgrounds and cultures. His black friends have told him how much they enjoy going to white parties. When he asks why, he’s told that it’s because the white kids like to have fun, while at black parties they just stand around, sizing each other up and acting tough. When he told me this, I shared a scene with him that had taken place that very day.
I was stopped at a red light on my way to the store when I saw a black man in a work truck attempting to enter traffic from a convenience store parking lot. Walking down the sidewalk where it crossed the stores exit lane, was a young black boy with a backpack who was probably on his way home from school.
He was maybe six or seven years old, bouncing happily along, making his way to his destination. The man in the truck beeped his horn at the boy. What I saw next disturbed me very much: The boy turned to look at the driver, the driver made a face and put his fist up and seemed to tempt the boy into a fight.
The boy acted as if he might take his backpack off, and accept the threat, right there in the street. He made an equally menacing face but turned around and continued on his way as slowly as he could, as if to say, “You have to wait for me while I enjoy being in your way a little bit longer”.
These two human beings are trained to not respect each other. They are of different age, but the same racial background. I can’t express the sadness I felt in that moment. All of the ego and emotion of this display, and others like it, cause disharmony in our communities, and this disharmony is a building block of illness and disease.
The American people claim they would like to see equality extended to everyone. Americans would like to see the black people in this country bring down the walls of their separate organizations in order to bring about the peace that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about."



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