Saturday, November 23, 2013

Enlightenment ....and mentors.

It's true that we all need some guidance to learn the tools needed to find our way in the Universe, and mentors or teachers are invaluable. But there comes a point when we need to break free of them all. To search within ourselves for our very own personal answers to our questions.

 "What is my purpose?"

 "What is it that I need to accomplish with this life?"

If we cling to any one teaching or teacher, we limit ourselves to the things they know, and we cannot find our personal truth. It could be a church, it may be an author, or it could be a very well respected guru, but none of them is you. Not one of them can tell you the meaning of your life. They provide the tools, then we need to take off on our own to find our spirits.

Think of these teachings as apprenticeships. We do our time, learning and studying very hard; Honing our crafts, and filling our toolboxes. Then, when our time comes, we must pick up that toolbox and strike out on our own.
I don't want to go to my grave quoting Jesus, Deepak or Wayne. I want to go quoting the Great Spirit. 

Be your own Buddha.

I spent a great deal of both time and money, perfecting the many different methods of spirituality that appealed to me. I started with a bible based, non-denomination church. I believed that Jesus was indeed the way, the truth and the light, but I had a very tough time with Christians. Never met a more judgmental group of folks in my life. Through prayer (talking to God) and meditation (listening for his answers) I was finally led to leave the church. It was heartbreaking! The church was my family, but I was not growing anymore. I had to move on. 

I got back to my roots; nature. I sat with the animals, trees and plants and I began to remember who I was and who I used to be. I asked myself the hard questions, the ones I posed above, and I must say that I have had no end of fun discovering just who I am! 

So read, voraciously, but absorb only the information that resonates in your soul from the great spiritual teachers. Take what you need then meditate on it and grow from it. 

Many Blessings!

Mama Nature

For more information on how to become your own buddha:

Note: if you have never felt truly at home with any particular teaching, theory or dogma, doesn't this make you feel better? ;)

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